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FAQ: Why Does Handmade Soap Need to Cure?

Posted by Temeka Lynette Colbert on

FAQ: Why Does Handmade Soap Need to Cure?

Soap made via the Cold Process method (as ours are) requires a cure time, which for us lasts 6 weeks. Once the soap bars are cut, they get put on our curing shelf (labeled with a tag stating their name, date made, and approximate date of cure) they will remain there until they're cured and ready to be sold.

This is the hardest part, especially for me, but definitely worth it.  During their weeks of undisturbed rest, the excess moisture evaporates, leaving a firmer, harder, longer-lasting bar. I've noticed, If you use a bar of handmade soap too soon it will "melt" more quickly than it should.  With the longer cure time, the pH will change slightly, with the resulting bar feeling more gentle to the skin.

Ulitimately, a bar of our handmade soap is safe to use after just a few days, but it won't be at or near its best, and  that's the reason we wait the full 6 weeks after they are made to sell them. It's very important for us to give you our best...our best effort, our best attitude, and our absolute best products!  We know that handmade soap is at its best, after a few weeks of curing, that is why we're committed to waiting out that time period. We're so grateful for your patience and understanding, as we strive to provide you with the quality of products you deserve.

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