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Body Scrubs

Store bought scrubs can be expensive and can contain some not so natural ingredients, ours on the other hand are inexpensive and natural!

Our 4oz. body scrubs (sugar/salt) are handmade by me with the best ingredients! Made with delicious organic sugar, salt, coconut oil, almond oil, essential oil and/or fragrance oil. With PET packaging & quality, sweet ingredients are waiting inside! These sugar scrubs are great for softening your hands or your whole body.

Just use 1 tablespoonas needed in the shower, rub & rinse for natural & gentle exfoliation, it will leave your skin feeling like silk! Works great, especially with regular use for fresh glowing skin. 

♥ No Chemicals
♥ Be careful, shower floor may be slippery after use!
♥ Do Not Eat

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